Peel Electronics  designs and manufactures its own Gas Detectors,  providing essential engineering and manufacturing capabilities for a number of industries. Our team ensures the safety of your work place with a range of gas Detection and Field/Bump Test detection services.   Peel Electronics caters for all kinds of industries that require specific and high-level Gas Detectors for compliance to Australian Standards.  Peel Electronics is the official distributor of Figaro Gas Sensors of Japan - for reliability, and Longevity of our Gas Detectors.



Our Australian Made and supported Gas Detector range detects many possible hazards of gases including Carbon Dioxode (CO2), Oxygen (O2), Propane (LPG), Methane (Natural Gas), Carbon Monoxide (CO), LEL,  and many other toxic and combustible gases.  Compliance to AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS and NATA Traceability of test gas.  Gas Detectors Australian Made.


Our Gas Detector range is locally designed, engineered, and manufactured. We oversee the entire process to ensure the quality of our products and the suitability for all applications. We understand the importance of Workplace Safety Standards involving gas detectors. Site inspections can be organised for Field/Bump Tests.  Gas Detectors Australian Made.


Our Gas Detectorshave proven over 11 years to be reliable and rugged.  With a wide range to cater to the needs of the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, and beverage dispensing equipment suppliers, to Telecommunications,heavy industry,manufacturing, mining, marine and more. Gas Detectors Australian Made.

Gas detection control alarms in Australia

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